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Zeng March 19, 2002 03:11

user subroutines in CFX
We want to know whether CFX can

(1) solve incompressible, viscosity flow problem?

(2) add user subroutines for additional equations, variables and special source terms (e.g. surface tension) ?

Thanks in advance.

Prashant Valluri March 19, 2002 07:20

Re: user subroutines in CFX
hi...CFX can do both of them! there are prescribed user subroutines which you can combine and write one of your own to get what you want! cheers... prash

Robin March 19, 2002 18:44

Re: user subroutines in CFX
Hi Zeng,

CFX-5 always provides a viscous solution and is equally applicable in compressible and incompressible regimes.

For most applications, additional equations, variables and source terms can be added through the CFX Expression Language (CEL), requiring no programming or additional compilation. Where complicated logic is required, new functions can easily be added to CEL through user subroutines compiled into shared libraries.

For free surface applications, CFX-5.5.1 will include surface tension (CEL can be used to further modify this model, if required). The 5.5.1 release is due out this June.

Best regards, Robin

Zeng March 19, 2002 20:35


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