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Jone March 22, 2002 06:21

2 phaes flow
dear all

Can I use CFX5.5 to simulate mixing flow in T junction between air and water. I never seen where I select mutiphase option.

thank you for you answer.


Herve March 22, 2002 07:06

Re: 2 phaes flow
Do you have a multiphase key in your entitlements? Contact your vendor to check this.

cfd guy March 22, 2002 07:29

Re: 2 phaes flow
Mr Herve is right,
It may be due a license problem. In CFX-5.4 there was no special feature to run two phases flow. In CFX-5.5 there's a special feature called CFX-5-MULTIFLUID. Check your license file and you'll see if you have it or not.
Regards, cfd guy

Robin March 25, 2002 13:09

Re: 2 phaes flow

In the Domains form, there is a toggle above the fluid selector. Click on the toggle to select 2 fluids instead of 1.


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