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Sara March 23, 2002 14:29

Dear all,

Hi, I'm a beginner of CFX. Right now, I have a problem of using CFX-Visualise for CFX 5.4.1. My problem is that how can I get the numerical value of a quantity, let's say the velocity, at a point inside the fluid domain. Anyone can kindly help me please? Thank you in advance.


Dimitris March 23, 2002 15:25

Re: CFX-Visualise
Open the resultfile in CFX post and open the file menu. Then choose export file, choose the parameters you want to have and then save the file.

Neale March 23, 2002 20:19

Re: CFX-Visualise
In CFX-Visualise and now in CFX-Post you can create a point locator at a specified x,y,z position and then simply get the value of the variable of interest on that locator.

In CFX-5.5 you can also monitor variables at a specified x,y,z coordinate in the new solver monitor. The setup of the monitor points is not a GUIized feature yet, but once you've put in the proper CCL and run the solver you can select any of your monitor points from within the GUI. I hear 5.5.1 will have data export for monitor values as well, which is nice if you want to create your own plots.


Sara March 24, 2002 01:42

Re: CFX-Visualise
Dear Dimitris and Neale,

Thank you very much for your prompt responses.

Sara ^_^

Sara March 24, 2002 07:12

Re: CFX-Visualise
Hi Dimitris,

I've just found that there only are "Load Results", "Load Timesteps", "Start Recording Seesion File", "Play Session File", "Print" and "Exit" inside the file menu. (I'm using CFX 5.4.1) So, any other method I can get the numerical values of the parameters of interest at a point of the fluid domain? Thank you for your kindly help.


a.melandinos March 26, 2002 06:25

Re: CFX-Visualise
Is there any other way to visualise results (*.fo file) outside CFX? Because I am working in CFX4.3 without the full license. (I have only Preprocess and Solve). Thank you in advance

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