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Dr. Huang March 24, 2002 03:03

Post of CFX5.3
How to get the special points' all physcics from CFX 5.3 numerical results for analysis and comparison with experimental data? Thanks.

Neale March 24, 2002 22:42

Re: Post of CFX5.3
Man, CFX-5.3 is getting dated these days. CFX-5.5 has been out for a few months now. What do you mean by "special phoints all physics"?


Huang March 26, 2002 20:42

Re: Post of CFX5.3
We have not updated our CFX 5.3 now. A series of points(about several hurdred) in the flowfiled have been measured in the wind tunnel.If we use the point locators command in Visualisation, which will cost us too much time. I want to know if a geometry data file can be inputed to the post-procedure, then the numerical results at same points can be outputed to a file.

Robin March 27, 2002 00:54

Re: Post of CFX5.3
Hi Dr. Huang,

If you were to upgrade to the current version, CFX-Post allows you to read in a list of data points and write out scalar values from these locations to a text file. You will have to run your simulation in CFX-5.5, however, since Post does not read results files before than 5.4.

There have been a lot of advancements since 5.3, so it is well worth it to do so.


Neale March 27, 2002 03:40

Re: Post of CFX5.3
You should update your version of CFX-5. 5.3 isn't even supported anymore,and you could do what you want in 5.5.

There are many other good reasons to update to CFX-5.5 as well. eg: it uses less memory and is faster than 5.3.


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