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Dimitris March 25, 2002 09:25

Split equations?
I first ran the momentum eqns and the energy eqns simultaneiously, then when I saw that the energy terms didn't fall, I shut down the momentum eqns and made a restart. They dropped like stones but now I want to make a restart with only the momentum eqns. Hos do I do that?

Astrid March 25, 2002 16:54

Re: Split equations?
In the expert parameter section you have to set:

Solve fluids = true

Solve energy = false

Solve Tke epsilon = false


Dimitris March 25, 2002 23:18

Re: Split equations? are the greatest!!! Thank's alot!!!

zhu May 20, 2002 22:58

Re: Split equations?
Hi, Astrid

where can i find expert parameter section. thanks

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