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Bogesz March 26, 2002 18:05

Set energy source
I have to define volumetric energy source as a function of the z axis and the radius (so not a constant value in Watts) My question is how can I verify with Post or something else whether I defined the function correctly or not? thanks Bogdan

Bogesz March 26, 2002 18:14

I forgot
...and I'm using CFX 5.5

Robin March 27, 2002 00:45

Re: Set energy source
Hi Bogdan,

You could load your mesh into Post, create the equivalent expression in Post, then create a user defined variable in Post equal to your expression (alternatively you can enter the expression directly in the variable definition). Once you have created the variable, it may be viewed just as any other scalar.

If it is a simple function, you can also create a 1-D plot in the expression editor in CFX-Build.

Regards, Robin

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