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opt March 27, 2002 09:59

Cavitation in pump-model test
hi all I would like to simulation cavitation in end suction centrifugal pump and axial flow pump[using CFX Tasflow2.11.01], but I don't have result from model test. Wher's source that I can get it, from book, website...? Help me please. Regards

Jean-François Caron April 5, 2002 15:11

Re: Cavitation in pump-model test
First thing to know is that the cavitation model in TASCflow does not permit simulate the real (physical) behavior of sheet cavitation encountered in pumps. THe real phenomenon is much more complicated that simply putting vapor pressure all around.

A good start for you would be the thesis of Hirschi of the EPFL ( There is a lot of other interesting stuff there on the cavitation subject (experimental and numerical) including my thesis ;-).

Best regards,

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