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pumpkin March 27, 2002 21:14

spinning cone
Hi, I'm a beginner with CFX 5.4.1, I'm trying to calculate the water flow on the spinning headstand cone, any message is welcomed. Thank you very much!

Neale March 29, 2002 03:18

Re: spinning cone
What is a spinning headstand cone?

pumpkin March 30, 2002 03:11

Re: spinning cone
sorry to trouble you, let me make more description, in cartesian coordinate system the line y=x (x> 0 and x< 250 mm) rotate 360 degree aroud the z axis and get the cone. with the cone rotating, water is added into the cone, and spill out from the edge.

Neale April 2, 2002 20:37

Re: spinning cone
Seems to me that this requires a free surface model instead of full multiphase. Can you upgrade to 5.5 which has this?

You could try using full multiphase, but the overhead is quite a bit more than free surface. Just do a transient simulation with a small enough timestep to resolve the water pouring into the cone.


pumpkin April 2, 2002 21:09

Re: spinning cone
Thank you! Neale

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