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cfd guy April 4, 2002 10:10

CFX-TASCflow Solver
In CFX-TASCflow manuals contains that the code has a multi-dimensional solver. However I work with some cases which are originally 2-D and I must use symmetry planes and put 2 elements (3 nodes) in the third direction. Is this really necessary? Or, can I solve problems only containing two spatial coordinates?

Regards, cfd guy.

Neale April 5, 2002 02:58

Re: CFX-TASCflow Solver
I think that if you use a single plane of elements you can't use the higher order advection schemes. LPS+PAC requires at least 2 (or 3?) elements thick.

Could you run your stuff in CFX-5 instead? It does not have this limitation because it's advection scheme is implemented differently.


cfd guy April 5, 2002 08:51

Re: CFX-TASCflow Solver
Thanks Neale,
But I work with moving grids (usrgrd_point subroutine) and I don't know if CFX-5.5 has such a feature. However it would be great to work with moving grids with an unstructured grid, I believe that is much more easier than the structured grids used by Tascflow. In Tascflow, unfortunately I can't have control of nodes in a multi-block grid.
cfd guy

Neale April 5, 2002 23:38

Re: CFX-TASCflow Solver
Nope, no moving grid in CFX-5.5. I guess your stuck with multiple elements thick + free slip walls for now then.


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