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Dimitris April 10, 2002 11:09

I have a circular cyinder in axial flow and I'm calculating the temp. and heat transfer coeff. on the cylinder walls. After the simulation I export result files with the coordinates, temp, yplus and heat transfer coefficient because I want to plot them, but I only want to plot from the middle of the cylinder front, across the circumference to the middle of the backside of the cylinder, so I need values in a straight line. Until now I've been using matlab so I can sort the different nodes and interpolating them in a straight line but I wonder if CFX post can give me the results right away in a straight line or if CFX post itself can make a graph with what I want!!! Any ideas or suggestions anyone?

Astrid April 10, 2002 16:49

Re: Postprocessing
Define a text file containing:

- the number of points

- the x y z -coordinates

For example:

1 1 1
2 1 1
3 1 1
4 1 1

Read in the polyline.

Export the variables you want on the polyline.
The polyline does not have to be a line. It can be just a bunch of random numbers.


Dimitris April 10, 2002 18:03

Re: Postprocessing
Well....I don't want to seem too stupid but I didn't quite follow you...can you perhaps explain one more time?

Robin April 10, 2002 22:06

Re: Postprocessing
Hi Dimitris,

Create a Plane in Post which cuts through your cylinder. Then create a Polyline by intersecting the cylinder boundary and the plane. You can then create a graph using the polyline you have created and the variable you wish to plot. Alternatively, you could export the data from the polyline to a file and plot it in the application of your choice.


cfd guy April 11, 2002 08:45

Re: Postprocessing
You're not the first one with this kind of problem. You might take a look at this link:
This topic was already explored.
cfd guy

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