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joseph April 17, 2002 02:34

mixing plane in CFX5.5.1

I would like to know the meaning of the options under frame change in CFx5.5.1(dev)


Downstream velocity profile

Constant total Pressure

or Constant Velocity

Pressure Profile decay



Stage (mixing plane)

this is how it looks when you go to modify the definition from frozen rotor application to mixing plane.

now my question is 1. when do I use Constant total Pressure or Constant Velocity under the first option?

2. what value should I use under pressure profile decay?

thanks for your time



Neale April 17, 2002 18:09

Re: mixing plane in CFX5.5.1
Hi Joeseph,

I believe that the Downstream velocity profile parameter is not required, so there is no need to enter values for them. The solver will default to optimum settings internally.

These paramters relate to how you want the velocity profile modeled on the downstream side of a stage inteface. Hopefully, constant total pressure and constant velocity are self-explanatory. I can't remember the exact purpose of the pressure profile decay but it is simply a factor by which the pressure profile is scaled across the interface.

I suggest that since you are using a development/beta version of CFX-5.5.1 that you talk directly with your service rep regarding the usage of these parameters.


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