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LEGENDRE April 18, 2002 05:02

How can we impose a map of temperature
We want to impose a map of temperature in a part of a fluid domain creatd withh CFX 5. What are the best and easiest methodology currently used ? CFX 5 documentation describes only the possibility to impose an energy source, which doesnt correspond to our problem. Thanks for a quick reply

Robin April 18, 2002 11:54

Re: How can we impose a map of temperature
I am curious, what is your problem such that it requires a temperature at a location within the fluid? Is is because you have temperature measurements within the fluid at particular locations?

A further explanation of the physical problem will be helpful.


Neale April 18, 2002 13:40

Re: How can we impose a map of temperature
You wouldn't be able to apply a volumetric distribution of temperature. Since you know the temperature distribution in your volume, then that implies you would know the temperature distribution on the surfaces enclosing that volume.

So, what you need to do is apply temperature specified boundary conditions on the surfaces. Go back to build, delete the subdomain, apply your temperature distribution boundary condition to the surfaces instead (you may have to use CEL interpolation or user fortran to deal with the distribution). Rerun the problem and your done.


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