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Sara April 20, 2002 09:00

Error in CFX5.4.1
Hi all,

I've got a error in the Solver of CFX 5.4.1 as following,

"Fatal error generate in gJacmFcIp

Message: -Full: Fail to make a data area for JacmFcIp gJacmFcIp called by:- gNarvFcIp

ERROR#001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction.

Message: Stopped in routine gJacmFcIp"

Anybody can kindly tell me the meaning of this error message? and suggest me how to fix this problem? Thank you very much.

regards, Sara

Neale April 21, 2002 01:01

Re: Error in CFX5.4.1
The solver has run out of real stack space. Increase the amount of real memory (in words) it allocates in the solver manager. Or, you can simply specify a multiplier, say 1.2 or something like that.

In 5.5 this is much more flexible by the way. i.e., you have much more control over the memory allocation, and the error messaging about running out of memory is much friendlier.


Sara April 22, 2002 13:49

Re: Error in CFX5.4.1
Hi Neale,

Thank you very much for your suggestion and idea. They help me a lot. Thanks!! =)

regards, Sara

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