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cfd guy April 23, 2002 10:04

CFX-5: Output in a console window
Hi everybody,
I want to run CFX-5 from the console, preventing the graphical residual monitor which consumes some memory, and I don't get the output of the running solution (residuals in text mode, only values) in my console window which I originally called the CFX-5 solver. I suspect that there may exist an extra parameter not shown in the manual. Well, this is how I call the solver:
cfx5solve.exe -def [file] -ini [restart_file]
I've tried the -v (verbose) option but I didn't get any output in the console window. So, any hints?
Sincerely, cfd guy

Robin April 23, 2002 22:14

Re: CFX-5: Output in a console window
Firstly, for all the solver options type "cfx5solve --h"

The solver is put into the background automatically, so you cannot get a live update. The output is written to the out file during the run (look in the temporary subdirectory runName_001.dir/out ). If you wish to view the outfile as it updates, use the unix tail -f command. The -f flag tells it to follow the file as it updates. If you are on NT, download and install cygwin to get tail and other unix commands.


cfd guy April 24, 2002 08:11

Re: CFX-5: Output in a console window
Thanks Robin,
I work on NT and I've tested the tail command under cygnus and worked very well. I forgot to tell. This doubt also apply to CFX-TASCflow.
Suggestion: Perhaps in the next updates of CFX-5 and/or CFX-TASCflow we can get an option like this:
cfx5solve -tail or tascflow3d -tail , etc...
Regards, cfd guy

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