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Jens Chr. April 25, 2002 09:48

Import data into CFX-Post

Can anyone please tell me it is possible to import data from another source that CFX-Solver into CFX-Post ?

If so how to do it ?

I have some data from simulations in another (research) code that I would like to visualize in CFX-Post.

Thanks in advance.


Jens Chr.

Robin April 25, 2002 17:13

Re: Import data into CFX-Post
Hi Jens,

CFX-Post is only intended to post process results from CFX codes (with the release of 5.5.1, CFX-TASCflow and CFX-4 results can be imported).

I suppose if you were to convert your results to one of the CFX formats, you could then load that into Post. But it is not intended as a general purpose post-processor.


Jens Chr April 26, 2002 09:30

Re: Import data into CFX-Post

Yes I know that CFX-post was not made as a general post-processing tool.

But we paid a large amount for using CFX, and it will not be feasible to invest in some other tool for visualisation, just to make the comparison.

Well I will need to write a program for converting the data to CFX.

Any hints on the data formats ??



Bart Prast April 26, 2002 09:42

Re: Import data into CFX-Post
Compared to the large amount you pay for the CFX software a license of fieldview (or alternative) is a small investment. We've been using fieldview some time now. Looks and feels good. Other option is Tecplot. These are very easy packages to import any data in. Depends on how much time you're going to invest in creating a format for CFX post (hours times hourly rate can amount upto a lot)

Jens Chr April 26, 2002 14:43

Re: Import data into CFX-Post

Good point.

I have been talking to IL about Fieldview, but the price 1/2 of the annual CFX license.

Tecplot may be a good idea.




stuart May 14, 2002 11:59

Re: Import data into CFX-Post
In an ideal world we'd all use ICEM for mesh construction and Field view or Ensight for post proc. but then the cost would increase by 2.5 times.

Jens are you looking to get all of your data into post or just some of it ? there is the option of creating a user plane in post onto which you can superimpose values. Not sure if that helps but good luck anyway.

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