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T. L. Andersen April 30, 2002 09:12

Precission in output file

We wish to use the print function to print all variables to the output file in CFX 4.4. When doing so we find that the precission on the variables is only three significant digits. Is it possible to print with a greater precission??

Regards Thomas

cfd guy April 30, 2002 16:33

Re: Precission in output file
You can use the USRTRN subroutine and extract all data that you want. Inside this routine you can use one of two another subroutines available: IPALL for values in several patches or blocks; or IPREC for values in a single block or patch. There's some examples in the manual. Once you extracted the data you can print it in your desired format.
Good Luck, cfd guy

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