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oldarmy April 30, 2002 15:52

one problem about blockoff in tascflow

I'm a newer in TASCFlow software. Something weird always happen when I was trying to display blockoff condition. The UNIX always logged me out when I try to display the blockoff region in "zone manager", but the same region can be displayed normally in "region manager". This problem is not from memory and grid quality. Because the memory is enough to display a bigger grid and the grid minimum angle is more than 25 deg.

I found if click "File" in "Tasclaunch", then click "options". Choose "software OpenGL", then everything is OK. But, it's too slow. If choose "native OpenGL", the display speed is fast, but it can't display the blockoff condition(in "zone manager") for me although other regions can be displayed very well.

Who knows the reason?

Thanks in advance!

Have a good day!


cfd guy April 30, 2002 16:39

Re: one problem about blockoff in tascflow
I use TASCflow on Windows NT and I had no problem at all displaying my blockoff's. I have to ask you, why you want to see it under Display in the pre-process (zone manager)? If you're sure that your blockoff is set correctly under the region manager I don't think you should be afraid why GUI (Graphical User Interface) doesn't display it for you. But, if you have later problems on post-processing, that's something I would worry about, off course.
Regards, cfd guy

oldarmy May 1, 2002 00:35

Re: one problem about blockoff in tascflow
Just curious. I used the software a few times in NT environment before. Never met this problem. You know, I'm afraid I did something wrong. Hopefully, no later problems.

Thank you very much, cfd guy!

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