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Bogesz May 2, 2002 05:42

Edit surface in Build 5.5
In CFX-Build 5.5 often have to use Edit/surface/edge match. If I look on my geometry with the "smooth shaded" button turned on, after that kind of editing the geometry looks sometimes very distorted. Is this just a visulaizing mistake of Build or does this step relly modify the geometry? (especially in my model i have truncated cones)

Thx Bogdan

Robin May 2, 2002 09:15

Re: Edit surface in Build 5.5
Hi Bogdan,

This is just a vizualisation thing.

All the edge match method really does is add a vertex to the edge of a surface to match vertices on a connecting surface, thus creating a trimmed surface (default color magenta). The underlying surface definition is still the same and can be recovered by using Edit>Surface>Dissassemble


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