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Patrice Jaumouillié May 2, 2002 10:11

Algebraic Slip Model
Hello everybody,

I use the ASM to modelize the small particle transport into a sewer network to obtain suspended solid concentration profiles. I have 12 species for suspended solids, their volume fractions and their settling velities was determined with an experimental column.

My problem is that the particles falls into the botom of the channel and i have a strongly concentration gradient, but experiemtal data show me that these profiles are particaly uniform.

To my mind i think that the turbulence is not taking in account in the simulation, and the particles are not upwelling.

Perhaps it is due to the small difusion coeficient in the Algebraic Slip model (about 1.0E-12), or the wall boundary condition at the bottom are not good. (must i include an erosion model for exemple ?).

Thank your for your help.

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