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Cath Noakes May 13, 2002 08:57

Additional variables in CFX5

I'm modelling a room air flow with an additional variable to represent contaminants in the room. I need to know the concentration of the contaminant at the outlets (in kg/m3) to use as the inlet conditions for another domain. Does anyone know the correct CEL expression to find this value? I found the mass flow rate for the air as a whole using the expression

massFlow()@exhaust but when I tried a similar expression to find the contaminant mass flow,

massFlAve(contaminant)@exhaust I got solver errors. I am using CFX 5.5

Thanks in advance for any help


Robin May 13, 2002 10:18

Re: Additional variables in CFX5
Hi Cath,

Assuming it was not a typo, the correct command should be:

massFlowAve(contaminant)@exhaust not massFlAve(...)

If this is not the problem, read the error message carefully (by the way, it would be a Post error message, not solver). Also, be aware that expressions are case sensitive, so if it is Contaminant, and not contaminant, you will get an error.

Regards, Robin

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