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VEEBS May 13, 2002 11:24

Inlet static pressure
Dear TASCFLOW Users,

How to specify the inlet with static pressure ? It looks the moment we say pressure type, it takes default to total pressure option.

Thanks Veebs

Robin May 13, 2002 13:03

Re: Inlet static pressure
Hi Veebs,

If you define your inlet as an "Opening", rather than "Inlet", you can specify the static pressure by using the constant or face option (the mixed option will apply it as a total pressure if flow is entering).

Generally, specifying static pressure at an inlet is undesirable. At any location, the static pressure should be in equalibrium with the neighboring values. By specifying total pressure, velocity or mass flow, the code can acheive this equilibrium. This will also be the case with the static pressure specified at a face for an opening, although flow will be free to move in both directions. The face option sets the static pressure at one face and allows the rest to float with that as a constraint.

Are you sure a static pressure is what you want? What is the physical nature of your boundary condition?


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