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zhu May 21, 2002 07:28

how to use ICALL in subroutine usrsrc
Hi, all I have a question about ICALL in subroutine usrsrc. When I add source terms, I doní»t know clearly that I should use ICALL=1 or ICALL=2. Though the manual expands how to use it, I am puzzled. Someone know the principle to use ICALL=1 OR 2. Any suggestion is appreciated.

cfd guy May 21, 2002 08:00

Re: how to use ICALL in subroutine usrsrc
ICALL = 1 you will ADD your custom source term. When you set ICALL = 2 you'll OVERWRITE any existent source terms in your equation. If you take a look at the USRSRC subroutine on the manual, there's two examples using the energy equation. In one example (ICALL=1) there's a source of heat adding 100W/m3 in every cell, leaving the other source terms in the energy equation as they are. In the other example (ICALL=2) the source term is ONLY 100W/m3 in every cell of domain.
Regards, cfd guy

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