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nyatoto June 17, 2002 06:20

Iteration from dump file
Hi all,

I am a new CFX4.4 user on windows NT. I have do run my simulation that take a long time. When I set max. iteration as, say, 6000, I still see that there is still some convergence. Now I want to continue further interation from where i left, (6000 iterations). Is this possible from the dump file, if so haow do you do it?

regards Nyatoto

Kuba June 17, 2002 06:51

Re: Iteration from dump file
In the Solve GUI there is an 4th option down 'Restart from File'. Just write 'Latest' or the number of the dump file you want to start from.


nyatoto June 17, 2002 08:04

Re: Iteration from dump file
Hi Kuba,

thanks, let me try it.

regards nyatoto

James Date June 23, 2002 08:51

Re: Iteration from dump file
Just one word of warning, make sure that you remove the initial guess option from your command file for the restart, otherwise the dump file data will not be used.

James Date

nyatoto June 27, 2002 06:09

Re: Iteration from dump file
Hi James,

Thanks, I was not quite certain that the retart was working as expected. I will do that now.



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