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Sara June 30, 2002 04:06

CFX5.5 Solver Error
Hi all,

I'd like to ask a error message from CFX 5.5 Solver. For my problem, at the SEVENTH iteration in the solver, there's a error as follows,

ERROR #001100279 has occured in subroutine ErrAction. Message"

c_fpx_handler: Floating point exception: Overflow

Details of error:-

Error detected by routine MAKDIR



Details of error:-

Error detected by routine POPDIR


Anybody can help me to fix this problem or give me some ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

best regards, Sara

Bob July 1, 2002 05:40

Re: CFX5.5 Solver Error
Hi Sara, the 7th iteration (Time Step), suggests that it may be something to do with the turbulence model. I've had problems where my model would crash on the 7th time step, however not with that error message (as I recall). There are several possible problems, it may be that the solve can't cope when the turbulence kicks in, if so try running for 20 time steps (or longer) with a laminar set up then restart with your turbulence def file. The error could also be due to a incorrtect model setup, eg your solving the thermal energy equations but have an in appropriate Buoyancy reference density set or something like that !! I've found that this is more often the case than the turbulence problem, but I don't want to speak for everyone. Hope this helps ? Bob

Sara July 3, 2002 22:20

Re: CFX5.5 Solver Error
Hi Bob,

Thanks for your suggestion!^^

I think it helps! ^_^


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