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John Hayes July 1, 2002 16:05

Nozzle Induced Flow
We have modeled flow paths generated by nozzles inside a vessel or tank, and are trying to understand the hydraulics of induced flow around the outside of the nozzle. In particular, we are interested in knowing if induced flow increases proportionately with flow/velocity, or if the change is not proportionate, and if so, does the flow increase at an increasing rate or a decreasing rate? I am trying to find any fluid dynamics topics on this, but cannot locate. Any ideas?

TheOneOnTheRight July 11, 2002 11:01

Re: Nozzle Induced Flow
What about looking up papers on ejector's? Just a thought.

John Hayes July 11, 2002 13:24

Re: Nozzle Induced Flow
I looked up ejectors, and found the articles were almost exclusively written around aerodynamics, and most studies are centered on use of ejectors for noise supression. Since we are not using an ejector, only an open nozzle, then formulas would not be the same. However, it is the base formula for the induced flow that I am interested in, and I cannot find it.

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