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Jens July 3, 2002 07:23

CFX-Build surface mesh

I have a question about the surface mesh generation with CFX-Build 5.5.

It seems like Build are calculating the surface mesh again with storing the definition file.

Why it is doing this ???

It is quite time consumning



cfd guy July 3, 2002 13:13

Re: CFX-Build surface mesh
I believe CFX-BUILD first calculates an surface mesh and checks if there's anything wrong with your surfaces. This procedure is quite normal when you do Create -> Surface Mesh. When you'll store the definition file BUILD, calculates it again to generate the control volumes. I might be no much help to you but I'd suggest you to skip the first Create Mesh. Just set the mesh parameters you want and go directly to definition file step.
cfd guy

Bob July 4, 2002 08:39

Re: CFX-Build surface mesh
Hi I'd agree with CFD guy, you can skip the surface mesh generation phase if you want. However, you may find that there is a problem with the surface mesh in you model, so you then have to go back to the Mesh form and make changes to your mesh controls. So there are good and bad points about the setup, it just depends upon how simple your model is when it comes to meshing. Bob

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