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windhair July 3, 2002 07:43

Surface reaction in CFX!
In my model, there will be some surface reaction on one wall. SO I must define a third type of boundary condition. How to do this in CFX?


Felix July 3, 2002 08:00

Re: Surface reaction in CFX!
You can define a massflux of the reactands at the wall. The rest of the reaction is to define in the >>MODEL DATA
:>CHEMISTRY section of the command file...

I hope this helps! Felix

windhair July 3, 2002 08:07

Re: Surface reaction in CFX!
but the mass flux is varies with the concentration on the wall, this can also be defined?


Astrid July 4, 2002 16:30

Re: Surface reaction in CFX!
CFX4 or CFX5?

Just define some source terms on your boundary. Shouldn't be very difficult.


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