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mixerer July 4, 2002 05:50

CFD - beginer
Hi, I'm university studet, can anybody send me some informations about CFX or CFX-ProMixus? I want know - if I buy CFX-ProMixus, will I need CFX-4 (or CFX-5). And could anyone write something abou his (her) satisfaction with this software and comparison with another commerical softwares? Thank you very much. *M*

Kuba_B July 4, 2002 17:28

Re: CFD - beginer
What do you want to do with it? CFX 5 does not work with ProMixius. To do the full simulation of your mixing vessel you need to use CFX4.4

Satisfaction with what? ProMixus or CFX?


mixerer July 6, 2002 04:05

Re: CFD - beginer
Cau, zrejme si Cech, takze takhle to bude jednodussi... Potrebuju porovnat produkty - CFD komercni baliky. Jedna se mi o michani a chci zmapovat trh... Musim o tom napsat nejakou praci. Budeme kupovat FLUENT a hledam nekoho, kdo by FLUENT (MixSim) mohl porovnat s ostatnimi programy o michani... Diky *M*

Kuba_B July 7, 2002 09:08

Re: CFD - beginer
Sorry I can not speak Czech. ;-(( What I understand you want to compare the two softwares. Well from what I can remember MixSim is just an add on to FLUENT to easily crreate mixing vessel geometries and creating an approperate session file to run with the program. YOU can then simulate whatever conditions you wish. CFX ProMixius allows the user to agiain set up its own goemery and conditions ect. The nice thing in ProMixius is that you cando teo methods of modelling your system. Rigoruous (ie use the full CFD power of CFX 4.4 to model the system) or use a Quick method of prediction ( usiing corelations ect) to estimate the Power number, mixing time ect for a given system. Pormixus is limited as far as I know to only to a 3 impeller system. Read a bit about the software on the corporate pages ect. Do not forget about STAR CD they also had a nice software to modell mixing vessels. Are you going to be at CHISA? It will be worth it for you as there will be users of different codes. I will be one of them.


mixerer July 7, 2002 09:26

Re: CFD - beginer
Thanks, may be I will go to CHISA, but I'm only university student (4th year), but I would like to go there.


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