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adam July 4, 2002 07:55

creating geometry in CFX5.5
hi I started using CFX5.5 to great simple geometry in 2D like a pipe. would you please any one tell me the steps how to do that in CFX5.5 .and I want to know also what the bounded solid means in the domain. when I great the simple geometry in 2D I get massege telling me the bounded solid is plank.

thank you in advance

Bob July 4, 2002 09:10

Re: creating geometry in CFX5.5
Hi adam, Try the on line help facility, F1 will automatically bring up the help pages. These are very comprehensive. I would reccomend going to the Master Contents page and start by working through a few of the tutorials. the tutorials cover a lot of the basic problems associated with model setup, running and post processing.

When it comes to building your 2D problem you will find that to build such a model in CFX5 you will need to give it a depth or thickness. Again the tutorials and help do cover this issue. I think it may be on the FAQ's. If not try the CFX web site FAQ's.

Good Luck Bob

adam July 8, 2002 05:51

Re: creating geometry in CFX5.5
hi bob

thank you BOb for reply, I am a new user for cfx5.5. and have short time to build 2D geometry.therefore, if you donot mind to give me a procedure step by step how to do that in cfx5.5. with best regards adam

Bob July 9, 2002 09:03

Re: creating geometry in CFX5.5
Adam, it will depend upon the geometry and its complexity. firstly you need to generate a solid, into which your mesh will be created. The solid can be as simple as a 6 sided cube or as complex as a multi sided Brep solid that will represent your geometry. This really varies and without more information on your geometry it would be very difficult to advise you. The tutorials that come with CFX build are real simple and real quik to work through and once you have completed a few you will be able to generate your model. Bob

adam July 15, 2002 09:18

Re: creating geometry in CFX5.5
hi sorry for delay take for example as simple pipe for 2D dimension. with best regards

Bob July 17, 2002 09:55

Re: creating geometry in CFX5.5
Yes you could model the 2D pipe, the interesting part would be the "rose" on the funnel of the watering can, and how the flow would come out of there (I'm guessing now). As for modelling the water dropplets coming from the rose on the end of the funnel, well that is a little more complicated. I'm not sure as to the best way to model something like that, may be one of the more advanced users would care to answer that one !! Bob

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