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Jens July 5, 2002 06:37

Parallel solver problemes

I got a problem with the solver on my win nt computer.

When I have started a job using 2 processors on my dual cpu computer, the job finishes but it takes forever before the final sync. point and the .res file has been written.

I start the job from within the gui.

Why does it do that ?

Any hints.



cfd guy July 5, 2002 08:58

Re: Parallel solver problemes
It depends on your problem size.
I work with a dual PC running on NT and CFX-5.5 takes about a minute or two to do this final syncronization. My mesh has almost 500k elements.
How long it takes to you?
Regards, cfd guy

Jens July 5, 2002 15:46

Re: Parallel solver problemes

More than 20 minuttes.


Neale July 8, 2002 20:18

Re: Parallel solver problemes
Does your problem have a lot of CAD surfaces? If so then this could be part of the problem. Solution data is written to the results file for every CAD surface and this can take quite a bit of time to write out the results.


Bob July 9, 2002 09:12

Re: Parallel solver problemes
I've experienced the same problem, where our run took almost an hour and a half to close down, running on 2 single processor 1.5Ghz machines under win2000. Our mesh was about 1,000,000 elements but we had between 5-10,000 surfaces in the model. Does anyone know of a work around for this or if the guys at CFX are working on this problem ? We find that it soon can eat up into any of the time savings achieved running a job in parallel when it takes so long to start and stop. Would i get a better speed up if I ran under Linux rather than Win2000 ?? Bob

TheOneOnTheRight July 11, 2002 10:50

Re: Parallel solver problemes
This problem is NT/W2k specific so running on Linux should resolve the problem. The guys at CFX are aware of the problem and working on it.

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