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Bogesz July 5, 2002 09:28

5.5 serial run
Hi experts!

Please write me, how can I create a serial run like starting one and when it's finished I would like the computer to start the other one without my intervention and manually starting again? Is it possible to create a batch file or somethin and if yes how?

thanks Bogdan

Bogesz July 5, 2002 09:29

Re: 5.5 serial run
i forgot it's under cfx 5.5

cfd guy July 5, 2002 11:53

Re: 5.5 serial run
Yes Bogesz,
Create a simple batch file and put the commands you want. To start the solver in the prompt, go to the Solver Launcher and under the tools menu click on "Command Line". A prompt window will open and you can invoke the CFX-5 Solver. The sintax is something like this:
cfx5solve -def newrun.def -ini lastrun.res This will start the newrun case with lastrun.res as initial guess in batch mode, i.e. you'll see no output on the screen.
If you include the -interactive option you'll invoke the Solver Manager with residual plots and stuff.
If you're still on doubt, try running cfx5solve -help under the prompt window.
Good luck, cfd guy

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