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Hannah liang July 15, 2002 19:41

Hi, all cfd friends, I always have troubles when i use the inflation. the definition file could be writen when no inflation but failed if i add inflation. pls give me some advice.

Thanks a lot


henry July 18, 2002 07:55

Re: inflation

you got to read the error message carfully and then hightlight the region of error ,and in that surface give appropiate mesh controls and it will be fine.

Some times you have to play with the mesh control numbers - mesh size

hope tihs solves your problem


TheOneOnTheRight July 18, 2002 14:19

Re Inflation
Hi, quite often if you can produce a volume mesh without inflation, but can't with inflation it can be due to either two surfaces being too close together for the correct amount of layers to be included - this should be easy for you to check. It could also be due to some rogue CAD geometry which has produced a poor surface mesh, which does not allow inflation to be produced. You can use the CAD quality checker to highlight poor surfaces. Hope this helps.

Hannah liang July 19, 2002 15:41

Re: Re Inflation
Thanks for TheOneOnTheRight's advice. Could you tell me where I can find the CAD quality checker in the CFX 5.5

Thanks again

TheOneOnTheRight July 20, 2002 14:32

Re: Re Inflation
No problem, its in Build under Tools\CAD Quality Check.. It will only allow you to do this after you have completed the domains form.

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