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Bob July 17, 2002 12:21

Linux v Win2000
Hi, I'm looking to get some info on the benefits of setting up our system to run Linux as opposed to Win2000. Is there any speed up in the every day running of CFX5 and how about when running in parallel ? Your thoughts are most appreciated, Cheers Bob

Holidays July 18, 2002 02:46

Re: Linux v Win2000
Ask your vendor. I am pretty sure they have been running such comparative tests for our benefit.

Ribeiro July 22, 2002 15:36

Re: Linux v Win2000
It seems that both have advantages and disvantages. With Linux you have a more stable system than w2k. In CFX user point of view, a Linux machine makes some jobs to work better as in parallel cases. This is because Linux manage the partitioning of the job better than w2k. But with single process there's no big differences.

There are some facilities in CFX-Build that are not present in Linux version mainly in CAD funcionalities.

Maybe there are many more specific features that work better in one than another. If you could test both systems it could be better.

Goog luck Ribeiro

Bob July 26, 2002 05:12

Re: Linux v Win2000
Ribeiro, cheers for the advice and information Bob

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