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keny July 18, 2002 09:38

question about pointer
Hi,everyone I have a qestion about the pointer IPFACN(INODE,6),the array points from interior nodes to the 6 neibouring cell face,but which number corresponds to the face of low I,High I,Low J,High J,Low K,High K respectively?Another question about the geometric arrays AREA(NFACE,3).Does it calculate the area of IFACE in I,J,K directions when I select 1,2,3 at the second item? next,if I use the function of IPFACN(INODE,1) and get a face position of INODE at 1(maybe low I)direction,I want to caculate the area of the face,what shoud I do?use AREA(IFACE,1)or AREA(IFACE,1)+AREA(IFACE,2)+AREA(IFACE,3)?

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