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Luis Rojas-Solorzano July 20, 2002 01:45

CFX-Analyse on WinXP

I know CFX4.4 is not intended for WinXP platforms, however, I installed it on my newer laptop running XP and everything worked fine, except for Analyse which does not run. When I try to run it, it kicks me off and the environment windows says: " This applications has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. ..."

I'm running on Exceed 6.1, which also might be the reason of the problem.

Before I buy the Exceed 7.0, does anybody have dealed with this problem already? and, if so, how have you handled it?

All the help will be greatly appreciated, before I have to migrate to Exceed 7.0 and/or from XP to Win2000 or NT4.0 which are supported by the software, but it has so many inconveniences trying to find out the drivers for the laptop that you know ...



p.d.: On the other hand, since View in now not supported on CFX, how do you generate a PLOT3D file out of the dump file to introduce it, let's say into TECPLOT? Thanks again.

Ribeiro July 22, 2002 15:17

Re: CFX-Analyse on WinXP
Hola, Luis

I'm affraid you have to change your Unix emulator to Exceed 7.0. This version is required to w2k. Thus I believe that this requirement is the same for XP. I have run CFX in XP but just once. I cannot say that it could work always.

good luck. Ribeiro

Luis Rojas-Solorzano July 22, 2002 18:43

Re: CFX-Analyse on WinXP
Ribeiro, thanks for your advise. I'll be doing some adjustments during the next days, and one of them will probably be upgrading to Exceed 7.1. I'll let you know if it works. Regards,


Sheepish July 23, 2002 03:38

Re: CFX-Analyse on WinXP
It may be worth checking out the CFX Community pages for such info, as upon just checking, it says that Windows XP platforms are fully supported for CFX-4.

Luis Rojas-Solorzano July 27, 2002 08:07

Re: CFX-Analyse on WinXP
Good News. I've just installed the Exceed and Exceed 3D ver7.1, and Analyse started working on Win XP.



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