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Dejun Jing July 22, 2002 12:13

Help: 2D model in CFX 5.5

I hope to reduce my 3D model to 2D model to save the computation time. Now I use a B-rep sold to represent a 3D cylinder. I hope to rebuild a model in a 2D asymmetric model. However, is seems that CFX 5.5 Builder can not build 2D model.

Is this true that CFX 5.5 only generate mesh for 3-D solid?

Thank you very much.

Michael July 24, 2002 00:25

Re: Help: 2D model in CFX 5.5
You'll need to create a cylinder slice that is only one element thick. You should use the Patran meshing tools to do this (change the Meshing Mode). You can download documentation on using the Patran meshing tools from the CFX community site. Regards, Michael.

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