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Armin July 23, 2002 10:39

CFX 5.5.1 on Linux

I just started testing CFX5.5.1 on Suse7.2 and 8.0. CFX Build seems to have a huge problem with Suse. Revolving a point around a coord. axis is not possible. I get an error message from application APP: unable to process list:"Coord 0.3". This is so strange. Build doesn't understand his own language anymore. The people at the German support don't have a clue. Is somebody out there, who can help me??



Michael July 24, 2002 00:20

Re: CFX 5.5.1 on Linux
Hi Armin, since that's not a supported OS then I expect there's not much you can do. Try running on the supported version of RedHat. Regards, Michael

Armin July 24, 2002 05:00

Re: CFX 5.5.1 on Linux
Hi all,

my problem is solved thanks to the cfx support guys. This problem was caused by a language incompatibility since I am using a german suse distribution. You can set the language to english by using the variable: export LANG=C



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