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Rebecca July 29, 2002 00:58

.res file

I'm a new CFX user (using CFX5.5). I'd like to ask how to read the .res file. Does it need to use Matlab to read the results? Can I get the data in Excel format for plotting graphs more conveniently?

Anyone can give me some ideas? Thanks!!


Sergei July 29, 2002 01:57

Re: .res file
Dear Rebecca, you need a post-processor.For example CFX-Post or CFX-Visualize.

Rebecca July 29, 2002 03:31

Re: .res file
Dear Sergei,

I have CFX-Post for the post-processing. But it seems quite time-consuming for extracting the numerical data of the point locators. Can I get the whole result by reading the .res file? Would you give me suggestion to get the results in a more efficient way, especially for those transient simulations? Thanks for helping.


Bob July 29, 2002 04:59

Re: .res file
Rebecca, have you tried using the session file in CFX Post ? The session file alowws you to record a macro style file that you can then edit and expand upon to extract your data from a run more quickly and easily. You can also interact with the macro language (called CFX Power Syntax I think) using the PERL programming language. This can speed things up even more. Try checking out the Power syntax examples in the online help pages. Good Luck Bob

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