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Jame D.J. July 30, 2002 01:13

Reynold number???
Hi, everybody

I am a new user CFX 5.5 and modelling of the flow in pipe. I want to konw How Can i calculate the Reanolds number in my pipe . i use inlet and outlet BC. anyone can help me.

thank you

Jame D.J.

Sheetal July 30, 2002 02:05

Re: Reynold number???
Hi Jame,

In out file after the completion of the run you can get all such information including reynolds number. But better u calculate the local value at your required point using Reynolds no formula for pipe flows. (rho*U*D/mu)-----------Sheetalkumar

Jame D.J. July 30, 2002 05:00

Re: Reynold number???
Thank you Sheetal and I don't know how i can use Relnolds number formulation CFX have this function?

thank you. Jame D.J.

Jame D.J. July 30, 2002 05:06

Re: Reynold number???
I am looking in out file i seen Reynold number . I don't understand what point of this value ? Jame D.J.

Sheetal July 30, 2002 06:23

Re: Reynold number???
Dear Jame, Go to tools and then variables. There u can define new function, provided u know expression for it in terms of already defined variables there. Take online help. Then u can fringe plot reynolds number throught pipe. ---- Sheetalkumar

Jame D.J. July 30, 2002 08:27

Re: Reynold number???
thank you I will try follow your recommand.


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