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Richard.A July 31, 2002 15:22

cfx4 parallel sover Problem!! HELP
I am using cfx4 to solve a fluidisiation problem (gas-solid multiphase problem)

when I run my job sequentially everything is fine.

When I try to run the same job (from scratch) using the parallel solver, I get problems (initial conditions set by USRINT does not comply anymore) with the physics of my problem.

does anyone know why?

Is it ok to use USRINT in parallel jobs?

Am I supposed to change the 'block' information in the IPAL and IPREC utility routines when domian decomposition is used?

Any help would be very useful.


cfd guy August 1, 2002 10:25

Re: cfx4 parallel sover Problem!! HELP
Hi Richards,
You're using USRINT to fill your model with solids at a certain height, isn't it? If you're not using another subroutine you can run a serial job, starting from scratch and using USRINT, with only 1 iteration and then restart a parallel job using this dump file. But I must warn you, CFX-4 parallel doesn't work very well.
Regards, cfd guy

Richard.A August 3, 2002 03:54

Re: cfx4 parallel sover Problem!! HELP
Thanks for your help 'cfd guy'

I managed to get some advise from cfx regarding my fortran file and command file.


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