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New User August 7, 2002 04:11

Cylindrical coordinate frame
Hello all, I am user of CFX5 . I don't know can i use Cylindrical coordinate frame i thaik it can do. now I use Rectangular coordinate frame and i want to change to cylindrical ,How I do.thank younew user

J. H. Van August 9, 2002 05:58

Re: Cylindrical coordinate frame
In cfx 4.2,you can bulid up your model in cylindrical coordinate system using prepossing software build,making sure that you use the revolve command to set up solid block and use x,r,theta to run volish.I had done it already.

Neale August 9, 2002 13:23

Re: Cylindrical coordinate frame
CFX-5 always solves in a cartesian coordinate system. There is no option to solve in a cylindrical coordinate system. i.e. solve for v_r, v_theta, v_z instead of u,v,w.

If you wish, you can set up your geometry in such a way that you know where your axial direction is. Then in CFX-Post you just manually create v_r, v_theta, v_z from u,v, and w. Another option is to set up your domain as rotating in CFX-Build, with an angular velocity of zero, and then the solver will write out the radial, azimuthal, and axial velocity components for postprocessing.


Elteyeb M. Eljack August 10, 2002 06:41

Re: Cylindrical coordinate frame
no option for coordinate frame in preprocess of CFX, but in the setting of command file as in CFX 4.3 you can select the coordinate frame ....! any way you will find more in CFX help ... , if you think so, pass me your e_mail address and I will do my best.

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