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Peter Jensen August 19, 2002 04:21

Restart time
Dear all

I would like to restart a transient simulation, but change the time. (not the timestep) The reason is that I have a large cel file which performes a lot of things in the time from 0 sec. to 1800 sec. And now I would like to restart this simulation but with the results at 1800 sec.

Can I set time = 0 sec in the cel file ?



Peter Jensen August 19, 2002 04:55

Re: Restart time
Founded the answer

initalisze > value


Robin August 19, 2002 13:29

Re: Restart time
Hi Peter,

If you edit your CCL manually, you can change the option for INITIAL TIME to Value, instead of Automatic with Value. Then just set the Time parameter to your desired time. Your CCL should resemble this:

Option = Value
Time = 0.00 [s]
END # Initial Time

END # Simulation Type
END # Flow

To extract the ccl to a text file, use this command:

<font size="1" face="Courier">cfx5cmds -def someFile.def -text someFile.ccl -read</font>

Edit the CCL in a text editor, then write it back to the def file using the same command, but with the write flag:

<font size="1" face="Courier">cfx5cmds -def someFile.def -text someFile.ccl -write</font>

If you edit the original def file, rather than your res file, select the def file (with your changes) and choose your res file as an initial values file. Alternatively, you can edit the res file and just restart it.


Bob August 20, 2002 12:08

Re: Restart time
Robin, I have a problem along a similar line as this. Is there any way that I can use a Time value in Post rather than Time Step. I have a set of transient result files which I need to extract data from at a given Time. However as I'm restarting from a Steady State file, the Time steps can vary from run to run. Is there any way around this problem ?? Bob

Robin August 24, 2002 17:59

Re: Restart time
Hi Bob,

As far as I know, you cannot do this in Post. However, you can specify the time at which you want a specific results file written when you set up the run in Build (or later by editing the CCL).


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