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vortex August 21, 2002 23:48

Radiation modeling in CFX 5
Hi ! I am modeling a problem with CFX 5.5 where radiation is important. I have some doubts about CFX models: 1) Is it possible to include a solid subdomain transparent to thermal radiation (like a glass plate) ? 2) If it is not possible...any suggestion to workaround this limitation ?

Thanks in advance.


Neale August 26, 2002 14:31

Re: Radiation modeling in CFX 5
CFX-5 does not have transparent media models yet, only optically thick: P1 and Rosseland. You will need to use CFX-Radiation (in CFX-4) instead, which has DTM and Monte Carlo. These will be in the next release of CFX-5. You might also get away with using low absorption coefficients, but this might not be usable.


Vortex August 26, 2002 16:13

Re: Radiation modeling in CFX 5
Thank you !!

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