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Jitendra August 23, 2002 00:29

Air chemistry
Hello CFX users,

I want to ask all the CFX users whether CFX has the capability to simulate air chemistry (non equilibrium). Has anybody come across such application and tried to solve with CFX.

Thanks in advance,


Astrid August 23, 2002 02:06

Re: Air chemistry
Can you explain what 'air chemistry' is?


Jitendra August 23, 2002 09:32

Re: Air chemistry
When air is at high temperatures its dissociation takes place and different species like NO,No2 etc etc are formed. At even higher temperatures (around 9000K) ionisation takes place. This is reffered to as air chemistry. I hope I have made it clear....

Thankx for the interest


Jitendra August 23, 2002 09:34

Re: Air chemistry
Anyways, I have found that CFX as of now does not has the air chemistry incorporated in it. Further comments are invited.


Neale August 26, 2002 14:41

Re: Air chemistry
Actually, people do flows with chemistry all the time with CFX. You could do this in CFX-4 and possibly CFX-5. You only need to enter the reaction mechanism.


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