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Dimitris September 2, 2002 06:09

Finding vector parallel tolerance
Dear CFX users

After running a problem with a course mesh I tried to make another run, exactly as the previous but with a finer mesh. The way I make a finer mesh is to change the value in mesh control to a smaller value and rerun the problem. But after doing this I got an error message saying that the vector parallel tolerance value needed to be changed from 5 degrees to a slightly higher value in the expert parameter section. So....I have two questions:

1. Is my method right when making a finer mesh by choosing a smaller value in mesh control?

2. Where, in the expert parameter section can I find the vector parallel tolerance so I can change it to a higher value?

Neale September 3, 2002 13:59

Re: Finding vector parallel tolerance
1. Changing the mesh resolution in this way is fine.

2. Edit your definition file with the definition file editor. Add the expert parameters section, then add the vector parallel tolerance parameter.

You should also check your mesh. Load your grid into CFX-Post, and highlight your symmetry plane. Change the color to the X, Y or Z grid coordinate (whichever your symmetry plane is normal to), change the plot range to a local range, and see if there is any variation in the color that looks funny. If this is the case then the grid is bad and the solver may not behave very robustly.


Dimitris September 3, 2002 14:44

Re: Finding vector parallel tolerance
Thank you so much for that excellent answer I got!!! Sincerely,


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