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Dimitris September 4, 2002 09:27

More nodes near edges
Hi everyone

I have a problem. I need more points near the corners. My flow is axial and I have a thin cylinder (solid) inside my domain. Because the problem is symmetrical I use only a quarter of what I need, i.e. a quarter of the domain and a quarter of the cylinder. I know that I can make it even smaller but due to post processing pics I need it to look like a cylinder. Anyway....I would like to have more popints near every edge of the cylinder. My boundaries on the cylinder is the front, the circumference and the backside of the cylinder (flow wise). How do I implement it in the code that I want more points on every edge on every boundary? In CFX4 I used something called geometric progression and depending on the blocks I used a number less than 1 and over 1, but how do I do a similar thing in CFX5?

cfd guy September 4, 2002 09:31

Re: More nodes near edges
Hi Dimitris,
I don't know how to do it in CFX-5 but why don't you build your model in CFX-4 and then import it into the CFX-5? Thus, you'll only have hexa elements in your model.
Regards, cfd guy

Dimitris September 4, 2002 09:32

Re: More nodes near edges
Because I don't have a CFX4 license anymore...

cfd guy September 4, 2002 09:47

Re: More nodes near edges
Now it sounds clear to me. :)
Well, I was checking my licenses and I want you to take a look at this two features:
CFX-BUILD 5.200 12 14-May-2003 CFDS CFX-BUILD-IGES 5.200 12 14-May-2003 CFDS
If you only have the CFX-BUILD feature I believe that you can work with both CFX-4 and CFX-5 BUILD. And you'll have no problem at all generating your .geo file and importing it to CFX-5.
Regards, cfd guy

Dimitris September 4, 2002 09:53

Re: More nodes near edges
OK....I'lltry that but anyway....if someone other knows how to do it directly in CFX5 please write... Thanks anyway CFD guy.

Neale September 4, 2002 15:28

Re: More nodes near edges
In CFX-5 you will have to use mesh controls for this. You have several tools at your disposal:

- curvature sensitivity (p 1218).

- mesh controls: point, line, triangle and surface (p 1224 in the doc).

Unfortunately there is no "curve" mesh control yet. This would be very nice, but in the mean time you will have to settle with multiple line or point controls. Once you have a reasonable mesh generated, then you might consider using adaption to further refine your solutions.


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