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Farid September 5, 2002 12:28

Work Space Allocation ?

The documentation says : " When the geometry file is obtained from a pre processor, the size of the problem is set automatically, althought occasionally extra work space is required". Since I need for my computation some extra work space, I used the >>SET LIMITS KeyWords. This keyword had no effect. The amount of available workspace was still the same as the time i didn't mentioned it (Real Workspace = 262400). I think that it is because I am operating on Windows NT system ( I am quite sure, because I think I have read it but I dont find now where it is ). For other computations I have been using up to 7401003 Real Workspace.

Perhaps I am totally mistaking, but I am amazed that I am not able to perform computation on "too simple geometries".

Is there any tip to avoid this ?

Thank you.

cfd guy September 5, 2002 13:03

Re: Work Space Allocation ?
Hi Farid,
Under SET LIMITS did you set the LARGE keyword? Another thing, the geometry might be simple but how many elements do you have in it? When you run a simple laminar, isothermal, incompressible and steady state case with this .geo file are you having the same problem? If so, then it might be the excessive number of cells in your domain. Try coarsening the grid and see what it happens.

Regards, cfd guy

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