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Rouslan September 9, 2002 02:34

Large Eddy Simulation
How to turn on large eddy simulation in CFX 5.5? It should probably be a keyword in definition-file; if so what keyword?

jvk September 9, 2002 03:47

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
LES is not available in CFX.

Rouslan Baigazine September 9, 2002 04:57

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
I read in an advertise booklet that CFX 5.5 contains a possibility to make LES as pre-release.

Robin September 9, 2002 11:58

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
Hi Rouslan,

LES is a beta feature in the current release. Contact your local CFX customer support for details on how to use this.


Nelson September 18, 2002 14:33

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
Sorry, I would to ask if both CFX4 and CFX5 also can't work for LES. Thanks!


Holidays September 26, 2002 02:35

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
Of course there's LES in CFX-5. Ask your vendor and check the RULES file.

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