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Nishant September 11, 2002 07:09

CFX 5.5.1 stirred tank and LES problem
Dear Friends, I would like to know if CFX 5.5.1 has any templates in order to model stirred tank reactors. Currently, I am trying to import CFX 4.4 mesh but it can be quite cumbersome. CFX 4.4 had a set of templates which could run a session file to create the stirred tank geometry but I havent seen any examples of stirred tank modelling in the help files in CFX 5.5.1 I would also like to know how can I use LES in CFX 5.5.1. Please let me know. Best regards, Nishant

Astrid September 12, 2002 17:11

Re: CFX 5.5.1 stirred tank and LES problem
LES? Check out

CSTR's templates? I have never seen them in CFX 5. Does import mesh from CFX 4.4 not work properly? What are the problems? I experienced that importing in CFX 5.5.1 is must faster than in CFX 5.5. No Props.


Nishant September 13, 2002 07:11

Re: CFX 5.5.1 stirred tank and LES problem
Hi Astrid, Thanks very much for your comments and the url. I found out that CFX 5.5.1 does not have any special templates as CFX 4.4 had. Import mesh from CFX 4.4 doesnt work automatically. One still has to alter the geometry i.e. create USER-3D regions around thin surfaces (walls) manually. Only then CFX 5.5.1 considers these as wall regions. If you have experienced otherwise, I would like to know. Nishant

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