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René September 12, 2002 15:10

flat tetrahedral elements
Has anyone got got an idea of how to prevent flat thrahedral elements in the CFX 5.5.1 mesh? The problem is the inflation on surfaces that are 180mm apart with element size 20mm. On their own the surfaces inflate with no problems, but if inflation is turned on on both sides the problem occurs. Any hins, suggestions and thoughts are welcome...


Astrid September 12, 2002 17:06

Re: flat tetrahedral elements
Assuming your multiplication factor for the inflation layer is equal to 1, your inflation layer will be 20 mm thick. So the space left is 180-2*20 = 140 mm. In 140 mm, 10 elements of 20 mm (height = sqrt(2)) do not fit in exactly, although I would not at all expect a problem with 10 elements. However, you can try a smaller edge length (using a mesh control), or the AFI surface mesher, if you have badly parameterised surfaces.


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